General Bourse Terms and Conditions

By submitting the application, dealers/exhibitors agree to the following rules and conditions set by EFIRO 2024 & Organizing Committee, now called "The Organizing Committee."

  1. Dealers / exhibitors are allowed to sell genuine postage stamps, revenue items from UPU member countries, medals, related items and accessories.
  1. Bourse tables/glass showcases and ID badges cannot be sold, loaned or leased to third party without the prior approval of The Organizing Committee.
  2. Agencies representing each country will need official consent letters from respective countries with application or not later than 20th January 2024.
  3. The Organizing Committee shall not be liable for any loss or damage to philatelic materials or personal injury as well as any problems with purchasers which occurred during the convention. All dealers/exhibitors are expected to have their own insurance. General security will be provided for the bourse floor.
  4. At least 50% of payment must be received with submission of application and full payment must be received by 15th February 2024. Our trade spaces are quite limited therefore "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED" basis will apply.
  5. Failure to make payment by deadline will result in cancellation and forfeit all the deposit paid prior. All fees are nonrefundable
  6. All dealers / exhibitors are responsible to operate their operating time come till the end of official time announced on each day. Failing to comply may result in forfeiting the operation of their bourse to The Organizing Committee.
  7. The Organizing Committee decision on any dispute occurred is final.


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